Being a millennial sucks. Watch this London girl’s struggle with poverty and where she finds happiness. Vines is a quirky and fully technicolour play about where you turn when your back is against the wall. Hint, your Mum wouldn’t approve.


Theatre N16 | 2017

Written by Alex Critoph

Director ~ Leah Fogo
Make-Up ~ Ella Simkins
Sound Design ~ Scott Stait
Composer ~ Matthew Gardner
Stage Manager ~ Rose Hockaday

Photography by Bessell & McNamee

"Alex depicts her story in granular detail... she commands the stage extraordinarily."

"A very hot take on being a woman, a feminist and wondering if there is more to life... emotionally draining with moments of liberation."
View From The Cheap Seats

"Acerbic and whimsical"
London Pub Theatres

"London should look forward to further shots of shameless energy from this group."
Open Magazine